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Melaka Bandar Bersejarah

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Perodua Raya - iklan (2010)

This is a proof of love for husband and wife.

Iklan Raya PNB - Baju Melayu Oren

This ad taught us the meaning thankful for what we have and appreciate the gift from their loved ones.

Iklan Raya Petronas (2011) - Raya Dan Merdeka

This ad is significant because it combines the celebration of Eid and Independence Day to 54.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

          On the first day of fasting, I went to the bazaar in the evening to buy food and drinks to break their fast. After that, I break the fast with friends in my room. I'll wait time for evening prayer to break. 
Then, I read prayers and drinking water. We eat so happy and grateful for the blessings God gave. After lunch, we prepare to go to the mosque praying 'Isha. After that, our prayers terawikh with the lecturer. Mosques are filled with students and lecturers. After completing the prayers, we go back to their rooms and doing assignments given by lecturers. This year we are not contented with their families and very disappointing.

         Next morning, we woke up early morning to watches with a friend. Today, in the sixteen days we fast. Soon we will be celebrating Hari Raya for the Muslims around the world.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


MY DAD…(Mr Sabarudin)
-His is very kind person..
-His is lovely person..

MY MOM….(Mdm Milah)
-She so sporting..
-She very cheery..
-She is very pretty…

MY SISTER…( Nur Adyani)
-She is very cute person..
-She is sporting person…
-She is clever person…

MY BROTHER..( 1 first Mohd Aizuddin)
-His kind person…
-His firm person…

MY BROTHER..( 2 second Muhd Annurdin)
-His is uncommunicative person..
-His is very clever..

MY BROTHER..ME…( 3 third Muhd Asfaruddin)
-He is handsome boy…
-He is deligent  person..
-He is clever…
-He is sporting person…

-She is tallest in my family…
-She is lazy person…
-She is pretty person..
-She is lanky….

Friday, 22 July 2011

Would you rather be........ 

(  In an accident or cause of the an accident )

I would rather be in an accident due to not burden others even though the accident happened to me.

(  Blind or be deaf ) 

I would rather be blind because I cannot see a mortal sin in this world.

(  Lost in Jungle or trapped on an Isolated island )

I would rather be trapped on an isolated island as there were no wild animals and easy to get food and water. In addition, I can shower on the island and enjoy the experience that we described.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

My first week at KPM Ayer Molek

DAY 1 – My family and I woke up early to go KPM Ayer Molek at Melaka for registration new student to study at KPM. From my house, its take two hours. My father use the Plus Express Highway because very fast and not busy as a Kuala Lumpur road. At 10 o’clock I see many people at KPM Ayer Molek with their family.KPM Ayer Molek are open at 2009.The first intake at 2009.KPM Ayer Molek has three blocks for student and two blocks for female and one block for male. Other that, KPM Ayer Molek has laundry for student and many cafeterias for students and lecturers. I follow the instruction for new student registration for pay the fees and get the rooms and class. The environment very quiet.

DAY 2 – In the morning, my friend and I woke up early at 5 o’clock morning. I go to the bathroom and wash my body and go to prayer at mosque. After that, I go the field and warm up with senior and junior. At 7 o’clock, I go to cafĂ© and take some breakfast from my senior. After takes breakfast, I change my shirt for the formal and go to the library for the programmer with junior. At 8 o’clock, the deputy directors of KPM Ayer Molek were coming to opening of MISRA programme with the lecturers and wardens. The programmed is orientation for one week. After I had my lunch, we go for zuhur  prayer at mosque. Besides that, we go for another programme at the library. We are divided into groups and I got into the Petunia group.